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What do you think you can get in Tom's Café? Yes, that's right: coffee. But it's a very special kind of coffee called 'Java'. Sorry, you can drink this kind of coffee only virtually. But I hope, you'll enjoy it nevertheless.

The Source for Java(TM) Technology

Spider Arachnid

'Spider Arachnid' is a Java implementation of a patience game, known as Sun demo 'Spider' and Windows version 'Arachnid'. So I call it 'Spider Arachnid'. You can play it online within the browser window.


Coffee Substitute

If you don't like Java coffee, if caffeine doesn't agree with you, here is a substitute for Java called 'JavaScript'. It contains no caffeine at all but it tastes similar to Java coffee. JavaScript is not Java but it's better than nothing.

JavaScript(TM) Documentation

IBAN - International Bank Account Number

On this web site you can create and check International Bank Account Numbers with a JavaScript program.


Other drinks

And what about tea? - I don't know what kind of tea you like. Perhaps a little bit of "snake tea"? - It sounds very strange but Python has a good flavour. And it doesn't taste at all of snake.

Python Language Website


Now only the cake is missing to coffee or tea. Therefore here is a baking tutorial for VDR-c't-Tobi-VDRdevel plug-ins. Sounds complicated - but it's very easy.

And as a reward for the efforts there are multimedia pleasures: digital television, video, music ... All that and much more offers us the Video Disk Recorder (VDR) of Klaus Schmidinger.


VDR plug-ins

VDR patches

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